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Massage and Body Work Business Success Stories

We are thrilled to feature a few of our massage and bodywork business owners and their companies. These business owners have taken on the responsibility of training themselves, implementing effective operational systems, reaching and maintaining profitability and are making a profound difference in their communities.

Karen Thomas
Karen ThomasSpalypso in Sarasota, Florida
“What’s so amazing since I’ve been in Renae’s business coaching program is that I have been experiencing a much more wholesome relationship with my family. I now know how to manage my time and I am so much more organized I actually have time to get all of my business work done and be with my family too.

As I continue to build on my mindset, implement more efficient methods and tools for my business, keep up the educational conversations with clients, and become consistent with my follow up, my confidence level is at an all-time high.

It’s been such a revelation that when a potential client calls for an appointment if I simply ask the right questions, in just a 2 minute conversation the booking is made and I practically learned half their life story. What a rush!!!”

Lori Colombo
Lori ColomboMassage For Moms in Berkeley, California
“Thank you so much for all the information that you shared in the intake mastery course. It has already made a huge difference in my massage business. I can’t believe I even had a business without knowing this stuff. It has all been a revelation for me. I also appreciate how ‘hands on’ you are in your workshops. Most of the other courses I’ve taken have recorded calls and it’s impossible to actually get any one on one interaction. Not only are you completely accessible but you are encouraging interaction. Plus you really know your stuff. I am looking forward to continuing to work with you.”
Chris Capitelli
Chris CapitelliRoot Health, Energy Based Bodywork in Boulder, Colorado
“I just wanted to write and thank you for all your help, support, and wisdom you provided me this year. It was truly a transformational experience for me working with you on many levels. I feel I am well on my way to reaching my goals. Looking forward to continuing with you this year. Thanks again for all you do Renae, you are a blessing.”
Lindsey Castillo
Lindsey CastilloBody Rejuvination Center in Bellingham, Washington
“Prior to taking your Intake and Retention Mastery training, my rebookings and pre-bookings were a dismal 20%. Now, just after going through the 5 sessions of this training I’m up to consistently over 70% — and I’ve just started. This training was really helpful. And the part that worked really well for me was that I could listen to the conversations between the different participants and you and that really helped to give me a different perspective on how to apply this training to my own practice and clients. Obviously its working!”
Julie Redmond
Julie RedmondThe Redmond Clinic in San Antonio, Texas
Renae promises that we can earn $100,000 a year as massage therapists in under 2 years. It took me only 6 months! I am immensely grateful for her coaching and guidance. I’d recommend Metro’s business coaching programs in a second to anyone truly wanting to build a strong and thriving practice.
Vanessa Haycock
Vanessa HaycockBody Rejuvination Center in Bellingham, Washington
Kay Degner
Kay DegnerGentle Therapies in Watertown, Wisconsin
Heidi Viveiros
Heidi ViveirosHeidi Ella Massage in Burke, Virginia
Tunde Kovacs
Tunde KovacsMassage Chez Vou in Montreal, Canade