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Customized Massage Marketing Brochures and Business Documents for your business.

The art of marketing and sales includes strong introductory and follow-up materials. To save you enormous amounts of time and expense, Metro has designed a full line of professional marketing and collateral materials that speak directly to the corporate decision makers — in their language.  Make a strong first impression and get trained on how to use these materials to effectively tap into the corporate market.

icons-brochuresWith a series of professionally designed brochures/fliers, you can guarantee that your message will be noticed by corporate decision makers.

  • Present an outstanding professional image when dealing with the corporate market.
  • Your communication pieces need to speak their language.

The corporate massage flyers – designed for both digital and print media – are provided as part of the Massage Business Master Corporate program or can also be purchased separately.

metro-massage-self-study-CorpYou get 7 unique marketing pieces that can be printed or attached to emails for sending to your corporate contacts and customers for marketing  purposes.  They focus on specific benefits of massage in the workplace for supporting wellness and a healthy workforce.

The 7 different flyers include focus on:
1) Massage and back pain/issues.
2) Massage and head & neck pain/issues.
3) Massage and repetitive strain injuries.
4) Massage for overall corporate health.
5) Massage and statistics on workplace stress and workplace wellness.
6) Promoting your private Massage practice (as distinct from the workplace programs).
7) Referral Gift cards for both personal and corporate.

Each marketing piece in this collection is designed by marketing and design professionals and are customized with your company name, logo, and contact information.



Professional Business Proposals, Letters and Documents

The corporate massage market requires professionalism in all areas of your communication and documents. You need well articulated letters, proposals, releases and continuity systems.

  • marketing letters
  • invoices
  • formal proposals
  • corporate agreement and waiver documents…

…all of which enhance each submission with your service and experience.  These keep you organized and able to track your progress with prospective clients, allowing you to monitor every step of your business development. Plus, you get…

  • client management documents,
  • templates, systems,
  • promotional and other structures designed to promote your service to the employees once you secure a corporate client.

You get all of this with the Massage Business Master Corporate program.

icons-bookletIn today’s competitive market place, training cannot be overlooked. Alternative health and wellness is a booming market right now, attracting more people into the profession than ever before.   Want to guarantee that yours is the business that succeeds?  Get the right training.  Master how its done.  Take action consistently.

Metro Massage Corporate Marketing and Sales TrainingMassage Business Master Corporate training manual and mentoring programs will give you that edge.  It’s no longer good enough to just be a great massage therapist.   Metro’s training manual walks you through the knowledge and the actions to create a thriving massage business.


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Sample Massage Marketing Fliers

Marketing tools that speak directly to the corporate decision makers — in their language.

Once you have identified your prospects, these marketing pieces are designed to catch attention, speak directly to their concerns and cause interest in your services.  Exclusively designed fliers are customized to match your company brand, colors, contact information, logo, your photo and a bit of information about you. They give you a polish and that professional edge you need to compete in this market place.

Call us for information on how to put these tools to work for you today.

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