The Corporate Wellness Market Is Exploding.



Learn How To Market & Sell Corporate Massage Services Like A Pro.

Selling Massage to corporations and organizations is not difficult if you have the right approach and know-how.  In fact, with the proper tools and skills, the benefits of massage sell themselves.

Metro’s corporate massage business training programs give you a step-by-how business thrivesstep systematic approach that is vital for understanding and accessing the corporate business and wellness marketplace.  If you don’t know how to do it right, you will waste a lot of time and effort.

Whether you learn at your own pace with our Self-Study Corporate Massage Marketing & Sales Course — Massage Business Master Corporate   Or you work one-on-one with a private entrepreneurial mentor, you get all of the business planning tools, the marketing and sales strategies, tools and materials, and proven sales training that will enable you to land customers and build a sustainable business serving other companies. This training gives you the skills and tools to hit the ground running.

You will get:

Corporate Massage Business Training Manual Comprehensive Corporate Massage Business Planning,  Marketing and Sales Training Manual with templates, materials documents, tools to get you started immediately.


Corporate Massage Marketing Documents Customized Massage Marketing Fliers/Brochures and Business Documents such as Business Proposals and professional letters to begin getting corporate clients NOW.


Business CoachingAdd live private coaching or small group coaching for ongoing support and mentoring to massively accelerate the growth of your corporate massage business.

The Metro Corporate Massage training program provides in-depth instruction in the following areas:

  • How to leverage the corporate market to build your private clientele.
  • Creating a polished, professional image.
  • Giving powerful, informative sales presentations.
  • Attaining marketing and sales leads and contacts.
  • Preparing yourself for entering the corporate environment.
  • Communicating the benefits of massage in a meaningful way to your clients.
  • Identifying and qualifying prospects.
  • Establishing a solid pricing structure.
  • Building a client network and referral base.
  • Maximizing the marketing power of the Internet, via email advertising, search engine optimization, and more.
  • Using newsletters and e-brochures to attain corporate clients.
  • Creating financial structures that increase cash flow and profitability.

What you got in massage school was how to do the massage.  What you get with Metro Massage is how to market, make the sale, and build a thriving business.

Already tried on your own and it “didn’t work”?

Call  Metro’s professional massage business coach today and find out what might be missing.  It’s a free call.  OR, click here —   Self-Study Program  —  for more details about our affordable programs for getting started in the corporate massage market.