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The #1 Single Most Important Skill You Must Have For a Financially Thriving Massage Business.

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WORD OF MOUTH MARKETING   The 4 Most Important Marketing Strategies for Massage Practices that cost absolutely nothing to implement and apply.

If you want steady business growth and explosive increase in your income, learn and apply the 4 pillars of word of mouth marketing. If are not using these methods then you are losing money and working too hard. Get more info on Word of Mouth Marketing now.

The BUSINESS IN-FOCUS Series: is designed to give you in-depth, use-right-now business skills in a concentrated 1 or 2-hour session. More than just information, you will learn how to apply and execute the fundamental processes that make your business profitable and sustainable. Learn more about our other Business In-Focus topics.

The sobering truth about the post-recession economy is this: If you don’t train and improve yourself in the fundamentals of business, marketing and sales, then your massage business won’t reach its full potential. You may be the best of the best with your massage and healing skills, but it takes more then that to sustain a consistently profitable business that continually makes a profound difference for hundreds of people